Is Donald starting to grasp the difference between running a business and a country?

Donald on Fox Watter's World March 18:

"Healthcare is a very complex subject.  I have been saying that for a long time. Now people are agreeing with me, they understand. And not complex for the ordinary reason, Jesse.
It is complex because you take this group and you make them happy, and they become unhappy, now you make them happy and they become...;
so it is back and forth."

Healthcare was very simple during the campaign with the catchy phrase "Repeal and replace" without any detail given.  But as everybody, maybe with the exception of Donald, has known for a very long time; healthcare is complex, very complex.  You can substitute "politics" for "healtcare" in his statement and it is still true.
Governing a society, i.e. politics, is a complex matter as you have to cater to and service a myriad of stakeholders with often widely diverging agendas and needs.
Running a for-profit business is easy in comparison with really only one ultimate objective
- maximize profits for the benefit of the owner(s).

Donald - welcome to the world of complex subjects.


"Deliver the Goods"

The Donald said it himself.  You can only con people for so long.  He failed to execute on his first big promise.

R.I.P. Republican Insurance Plan

The Republicans had 7+ years to plan the "repeal and replace" of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  The lack of a viable plan beyond the banale rethoric effectively killed this Republican war cry.
Republican Insurance Plan - R.I.P.!

Donald goes big on bing, a few booms and bongs, and a boong!!

Showman Donald certainly knows how to use sound effects to his full advantage.  See this masterpiece compilation of his captivating aural exploits.

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Got to love the Russians; or at least their money. Donald pockets a cool $55 Millon.

Follow the the trail of Russian money leading to Donald and his Commerce Secretary, money trixter Wilbur Ross, in this in-dept piece from MSNBC's  Rachel Maddow.  It is lengthy, but worth it.


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Here's a twist: 91% of Americans living in Mexico are "Illegal"

Bet you never thought of this twist; the overwhelming majority of US citizens living in Mexico is there without proper legal documents, i.e. illegal immigrants.

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Next Steps...

Inform yourself, get involved, voice your opinion, vote, change the direction forward.   It takes a village.....